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Sue Cleveland, M.S, R.D., Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach
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Sue has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Her nutrition practice includes hospital and community dietetics, with an emphasis on weight management and sports nutrition.


She is a certified personal trainer (Cooper Institute, AFAA) and group exercise instructor (AFAA, YMCA, YogaFit), and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion.


Sue is also active as a Stephen Minister through her church. She models healthy living by engaging in cardio, strength training and stretching most days of the week, and preparing low-fat meals with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Her desire is to share her passion for optimizing health with you!

  • B.S. in Nutrition, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

  • M.S. in Health Promotion, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

You can connect with her by emailing

Mary Beck, Coach
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Mary Beck_edited.jpg
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Mary's genuine love for people and her passion to pursue Abundant Life and Radiant Health inspire people around her to do the same. Mary has "never met a stranger," is comfortable in her own skin and shows other women how to do the same with the divine gifts and skills she has acquired through study and personal practice

Mary is noted for her down-to-earth practicality, overflowing joy, and the ability to see the positive in others. 

You can connect with her by emailing

Lisa Hawkins, RN & Certified Life Coach
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Lisa's coaching is based on the foundational belief that most of our problems are spiritual in nature. How we see God and see ourselves directly impacts the way that we live life in very significant ways. 


With her clients, Lisa uses a series of coaching conversations designed to uncover hidden fears and to reveal personal and spiritual gifts to overcome those life-limiting fears. 


In addition to her one-on-one coaching, she is also available for two-day workshops that focus on developing Christ-centered life plans.  These workshops, conducted with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, look backward and then move forward to create a life plan that brings balance, motivation, and purpose in your life.

Lisa's coaching is shaped by Episcopalian (with Baptist roots) faith, her 20 years of marriage and her experience overcoming her own challenges of a divorce, stormy relationships with children, and wanderings through the desert.

You can connect with her by emailing

Rita Connally, Mediator
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Rita Connally has completed Tennessee Rule 31 Mediator training, Elder Mediation training and is a pro-bono mediator for the EEOC. Her desire is to help individuals and groups move out of a position of being ” stuck “ and operating at a less than optimal level. She is particularly interested in working with women and people who feel they have no “ voice “. She has worked in the health and fitness industry for a number of years and still enjoys using her knowledge and skills in wellness coaching.


Prior to moving to the USA from South Africa, Rita spent nineteen years working in various financial institutions, primarily as an H.R. and Training Manager. She is a trained facilitator and has headed up a number of projects and volunteer initiatives. She also practiced as a Brain Gym consultant and still uses educational kinesiology principles.

Rita enjoys fitness and health, outdoor activities, gardening and being active in volunteer work.

You can connect with her by emailing

Frances Livesay Smith, Organizational Skills & Certified Family Manager Coach
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Frances is passionate about helping people organize their homes and offices. When not helping others organize their lives, she specializes in showing them how to create memory albums.


Recognizing her gift of organizing, and realizing the importance of having personal matters in their proper place, Frances founded her own company called, Organize It! Her work with others led her to create the Life Notebook - a tool for keeping life's most important documents easily organized and accessible, 


Frances is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the National Association of Professional Women, and Toastmasters International, and is an Ambassador to the Memphis Business Network International (BNI) group,

She writes a monthly article on organizing for the Daily Times Leader, and she has been featured in The Commercial Dispatch, Mid-South Magazine, Builder/Architect, and the Commercial Appeal.

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