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 “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”


— Jackie Kennedy, former First Lady of the United States

Recapture the joy and satisfaction
of great parenting


Our parenting coaching will give you the tools to make parenting immensely satisfying - and eliminate anger, yelling, threats, and chaos. You'll see improvement in your parenting guidance after the very first coaching session. 


Our coaching specializes in helping single parents and in co-parenting. Our coaching based on:

  • Realistic, uncomplicated strategies that you can use under stress

  • The application of calm, confident discipline (without repeated threats, cajoling, or spanking)

  • Respectful, anger-free communication

  • Consequences and rewards


MyNextSteps parenting coaching will fix your most frustrating struggles with your children…

  • Dawdling and time-consuming morning routines - learn how to get out the door every morning with order and discipline, especially if you are a single parent

  • Bedtime battles - learn parental guidance to stop chronic "bedtime games"

  • Sassiness, disrespect, and tantrums - learn how to get sincere respect and thoughtful obedience

  • Sibling stress - learn how to stop being the "fight referee"

  • Lazy loafing - learn how to build your child's sense of responsibility and dependability

Get life-changing benefits for the whole family:

  • Stop the chaos and emotional rollercoasters

  • Build stronger relationships with your children and your spouse - make co-parenting what it should be

  • Boost stability with a system of consequences and rewards - without yelling or spanking

  • Build emotionally healthy, responsible, loving, and mature young adults who can lead the next generation of Americans

Schedule a 20 minute no-pressure diagnostic call now to see if you are a good fit for Next Steps Coaching & Mediation
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