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"Make an assessment of your life, and began to live it.

That is real freedom." 

-Fernando Flores



Improve your judgment, decisionmaking, and interpersonal skills to achieve more success in life


MyNextSteps uses The Judgment Index™ to scientifically assess your judgment in interpersonal skills, task management, and strategic decisionmaking skills (e.g. "What should I do next?).

We use the Judgment Index™ because the prestigious Nobel Prize nomination was received for the creator of the assessment tool that has been validated in over 30 individual studies. Careful monitoring and validation for 40+ years make the Judgment Index™ the most scientific, mathematical and logically-based assessment instrument in the world.

MyNextSteps Judgment Index Coaching includes​:​

  • Taking a short scientific assessment, requiring less than 20 minutes

  • Discussing the results with a MyNextSteps coach certified in using the Judgment Index to scientifically uncover your strengths and weaknesses in judgement, decisionmaking, and interpersonal skills

  • Understanding the performance gaps and mapping out the coaching plan to close them.

  • Improving performance with a customized coaching plan

  • Closing identified performance gaps with one-on-one coaching and mentoring from ​MyNextSteps experienced coaches


“I have personally taken the Judgment Index assessment and applied it to my life. Honestly, I was very skeptical at first. But the results floored me. The Judgment Index was the most accurate assessment of my strengths and weaknesses I have ever taken, and I’ve taken them all.It was like having a spotlight shined on my innermost being. I immediately became certified to administer and use the assessment tool in my coaching.


What I learned from using The Judgment Index has changed me, it has changed MyNextSteps, and it will change you."


Gina Harden

Managing Director & FounderMyNextSteps coaching & Mediation

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