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"Conflict in life is inevitable, but combat is optional."

- Max Lucado

Our mediation will get you a satisfying dispute resolution without going to an expensive war in court


MyNextSteps ​Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process ​where our mediator serves as an independent, neutral third-party​ that guides you to a satisfying outcome of your issue. ​


Our certified mediators use mediation techniques that ​​give the parties ​a structured opportunity to discuss their ​dispute, clear up misunderstandings, and find areas of agreement in a way that would never be possible in an expensive​ lawsuit or arbitration. 


​MyNextSteps Mediation Services...​

​Preserves Your Relationships. ​We help you focus on effectively communicating with one another as opposed to attacking one another​.​​ We specialize in divorce mediation.

​Saves You Money. Traditional litigation is very expensive and the total cost is highly unpredictable. ​Mediation allows you to ​spend your time actively working on resolving your case rather than filing motions, etc. 

​Provides Greater Satisfaction. Mediation participants report a high degree of satisfaction with the mediation process​ because they directly ​helped create the agreement. 


Takes Less Time: Mediation typically only takes days​, and sometimes can be done in a day.​ ​Lawsuits typically take months or years. 


​Keeps Your ​Confidentiality​: Unlike court cases, which are public, mediation is typically confidential, which means there are no records or transcripts​.​ ​Any evidence introduced during mediation cannot be used later or revealed. 


Successful mediation with MyNextSteps lays the groundwork for collaborative, non-confrontational problem solving and preserves the relationships that are important to you.


​We specialize in family mediations - especially disputes between siblings about what to do with mom and dad during end-of-life discussions.


Rescue your family relationships, save your sanity.

Schedule a 20 minute no-pressure diagnostic call now to see if you are a good fit for Next Steps Coaching & Mediation
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